The Journal of HealinGrit

(Formerly the Born to Self-Heal Journal)

How to Fight Tooth Decay Like a Roman
Vol 1 No 1 (August 2017)

  • How to perform do-it-yourself stem cell therapy on your gums and teeth in the comfort of your own bathroom
  • An Ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation for healing when all else fails
  • The inner life of your teeth and their little known cause of decay
  • Why a bruise on your arms heals quicker than a cavity in your mouth
  • Why your kidneys are more about recycling than waste removal (and how they might be able to keep your teeth strong and healthy)
  • A slow but inexpensive method to dissolve mercury dental fillings
  • Aaron Ralston’s big mistake while pinned under a 360kg boulder (this could save your life, next time you are trapped under a rock)

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